OVO IS A FAMILY OWNED AND operated LATE NIGHT GELATO AND DESSERT SALOON. based in newton, and a new addition alongside our sister store clay and co, we hope you will come visit to try our new range of gelato and desserts!

OVO focuseS on fresh, local, and seasonal produce that alternates depending on availability. Although the case, don’t fret, we’ve still got all the traditional staple flavours too!

While dairy milk may be the traditional base for gelato, Ovo has made its range of flavours inclusive to everyone of all dietary needs with an abundance of dairy-free, refined sugar-free and even keto options available.

As time goes on, the offerings at Ovo will grow with a full dessert menu on the cards. this will see the likes of snickers sundaes, sticky date puddings and custard tarts topped with a gelati flavour of your choice.